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Under 17 Driving Lessons


Under 17 Driving Lessons are available from JDS Driving School at Dunsfold Aerodrome (the home of BBC’s Top Gear).  These lessons are great for the eager teenager who wants to get started with their driving before going on the road, are available for pupils aged of 14 to 17 and can help in passing the driving test quicker and with less expense.


About Under 17 Driving Lessons


Under 17 Driving Lessons from JDS Driving School are conducted on a controlled off road track using additional safety precautions to ensure the security and safety of all pupils.  All lessons are conducted without the pressure, hassles and distractions of being on the road, and will give the physical and mental skills to learn to drive safely.


Despite it being off road, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) syllabus for teaching is followed, which gives the full benefit of learning to drive and mastering the basic skills.  This means that when you start taking your full driving lessons you will have a head start.


No provisional license is required and under 17 driving lessons are available seven days a week.


About Dunsfold Park Aerodrome


Dunsfold Park Aerodrome Young Drivers off road track is one of the premiere off road sites in Surrey and the south of England. Under 17 driving lessons are on an off road track containing over three miles of tarmac road with lane markings and junctions.


In addition to the track there are parking areas with real cars that allow for the practicing of parallel parking, a three point turn area and a large steering practice area where you can go round and round to get that steering perfect.  There is everything you need to enable you to learn how to drive really well before you go out on the public roads, all done in a fun and enjoyable environment.


What Will You Learn?


Under 17 Driving Lessons from JDS Driving School is not about just driving around and around.  On the course you will learn:


Cockpit Drill Car Controls Moving Off Safely and Normally
Steer Accurate Course Stopping Safely and Normally Gear Changing
Positioning Mirrors Signals
Clutch Control Turning Left and Right Emerging Left and Right
Crossroads Roundabouts Pedestrian Crossings
Progress Use Of Speed Meeting Other Traffic
Spacing Crossing Dual Carriageways
Anticipation Controlled Stops Reversing
Left Reverse Bay Parking Parallel Parking


Overarching all of the above, you will learn:


Safety - a better understanding of vehicle capabilities improves awareness of road safety, which means you are less likely to cause or be involved in accidents on the road


Efficiency - control skills are learnt in an off road environment, which means total driving lessons required are less than if under 17 driving wasn’t taken


Effectiveness - at this age people are more receptive to learning new skills as well as not having bad road habits already embedded


Cost - the number of hours of driving lessons needed can be vastly reduced if the learner already has basic vehicle and road skills from the off road tuition


As an example, JDS Driving School had a new learner who had no previous driving experience who took the under 17 driving course then shortly after followed it with an intensive course when she was 17. She passed her driving test first time and with only 2 minor faults recorded just 10 days after her 17th birthday!


How Much Will It Cost?


Under 17 Driving lessons from JDS Driving School are available as 1 to1 training or with car sharing options allowing friends to learn together.


Under 17 Driving Lessons With 1 to 1 Training (one pupil in the car)
Two Hour Driving Lesson £90.00  
Four Hour Driving Lesson £180.00  
Six Hour Driving Lesson £270.00  

Eight Hour Driving Lesson

(all day)

Under 17 Driving Lessons with Car Sharing (2 or 3 pupils in the car)
Two Pupils for 2 Hours £46.00 per Pupil Three Pupils for 2 Hours £34.00 per Pupil
Two Pupils for 4 Hours £96.00 per Pupil  Three Pupils for 4 Hours £64.00 per Pupil
Two Pupils for 6 Hours £136.00 per Pupil Three Pupils for 6 Hours £94.00 per Pupil
Two Pupils for 8 Hours £186.00 per Pupil Three Pupils for 8 Hours £124.00 per Pupil


To find out more about Under 17 Driving Lessons from JDS Driving School, contact us today.

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