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Driving Lesson Prices and Options


At JDS Driving School we believe in giving excellent value for money, and because we understand that learning to drive can be expensive, we promise to get you through your driver training as quickly and safely as possible.


We will ensure that with every driving lesson you will feel as though you have increased your driving knowledge until the day you have passed, whilst ensuring that the learning process is an enjoyable experience and one that you will remember for the rest of your life.


How Many Lessons Will You Require?


The number of hours/lessons that is required is completely dependent upon many factors such as the frequency of lessons taken, previous road experience and whether you are able to supplement professional tuition with private practice. At JDS Driving School we recommend two hour lessons once or twice a week, but as this may not be ideal for everyone, we are also able to make a range of different options available to you.


What Will Your Driving Lessons Involve?


Training will cover all aspects of driving including early morning rush hour, evening rush hour, night driving, rain, fog, ice and maybe even snow. At JDS Driving School, we like to put you through them all because once you pass your test you will have to drive in a whole variety of conditions. We understand that people can be very nervous about the prospect of learning to drive so will do everything in our power to set your mind at rest at the earliest possible stage. From the beginning of your lessons we will ensure that your training is conducted in a relaxed and friendly environment in which you will be able to find your feet quickly and develop into a safe and confident driver.


How Much Will It Cost?


Driving lessons from JDS Driving School can be booked individually or discounts options are available for bulk bookings.


Standard Lessons
1 Hour Driving Lesson £28.00
2 Hour Driving Lesson
(completed in 1 session)
Mock Test
Your instructor acting like an examiner and
scoring you (one hour)
Car for Test
Driving lesson before the test, the car for the
test and the drive home
Two Hour Motorway Driving Lessons
(more info)
Block Blocking
10 Hours Block Booking
(1 to 1 training)
20 Hours Block Booking
(1 to 1 training)
30 Hours Block Booking
(1 to 1 training)
40 Hours Block Booking
(1 to 1 training)
JDS Full Course
40 Hours of Driving Lessons including 2 x  Mock Test + The Car For The Driving Test. Saving of £100!


*any hours not used will be refunded

Pass Plus Course
Visit our Pass Plus page for more details
Refresher Driving Lessons
Visit our Refresher Driving Lessons page for
more details
Under 17 Driving
Visit our Under 17 Driving page for more details


Discounts are available on all Motorway and Refresher lessons if you previously passed your test with JDS Driving School.


* All payments are required upfront or on the day of your test

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